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Part 1: Theology and Tragic Literature

Chapter 1: Four Biblical Characters: In Search of a Tragedy (Ben Quash)
Chapter 2: Tragic Sacrifice and Faith: Abraham and Agamemnon Again (Jennifer Wallace)
Chapter 3: Primo Levi and the Tragedy of Dante's Ulysses (Vittorio Montemaggi)
Chapter 4: ‘Thee thither in a Whirlwind’: Tragedy and Theology in Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens (Robin Kirkpatrick)


Part 2: Theologians and Tragedy
Chapter 5: Freedom, Fate and Sin in Donald MacKinnon’s Use of Tragedy (Giles Waller)
Chapter 6: Simone Weil: Force, Tragedy, and Grace in Homer's Iliad (Adrian Poole)
Chapter 7: Hans Urs von Balthasar and Christ the Tragic Hero (Kevin Taylor)
Chapter 8: The Tragedy is in the Pity: C.S. Lewis and the Song of the Goat (Michael Ward)


Part 3: Theology Engaged with Tragic Theory
Chapter 9: Participating in the Tragedy: Emploting the Dionysian in Christian Thought (Craig Hovey)
Chapter 10: Tragedy, Contingency, and Atonement: Waiting for Godot with Jesus of Montreal (Larry Bouchard)
Chapter 11: Sacrifice and the Tragic Imagination (Douglas Hedley)
Chapter 12: Tragedy Without Evasion: Attending [to] Performances (David Cunningham)
Conclusion by David Ford